A Sane, Intelligent Conversation on Religion?

The First Post.  I suppose I should say something about what I’m trying to do with this blog.

This blog is dedicated to the proposition that it is possible – and desirable – to have sane, meaningful, intelligent conversations about religion and spirituality.  Any flames, rants, rudeness or other nastiness will be deleted.  Opinions should begin with “In my opinion,” rather than being stated as universal truths.  “Facts” should be supported by citations.

I am foolishly attempting to begin a sane conversation on religion and spirituality (globally-speaking), hoping that something enlightening and useful will come out of it.  I am hoping to extract what is hopeful and useful from these conversations, and synthesize them into something approaching a … universal theology?  Anti-theology?  Theologies?  We’ll see.

5 thoughts on “A Sane, Intelligent Conversation on Religion?

  1. I applaud! Whether I end up agreeing with what this blog generates is not the point so much as is the chance to listen in on, or participate in, an intelligent, meaty conversation that is willing to deal with controversial subjects.

    • Thanks for supporting the blog, Vera! By the way, a very lovely prayer on your blog …

      I very much look forward to intelligent, meaty conversation, and look forward to you weighing in!

  2. In my opinion, religion is a term that probably could be defined as “insane.” Humankind has a need to validate their concept of how to reach God. In other words, religion–when acted out–has very little to do with God unless it is connected to the heart. I believe God is primarily interested in transforming the inner person. The problem with humankind however is that the inside of the cup needs to be washed before the outside. You can’t externalize something until you have internalized it.

    Spirituality is a dimension of all human beings–people want to surpass or excede their ordinary limits. Can God’s love reside in the heart of someone who doesn’t know God’s name or knows God by another name?

    • Thanks for supporting the blog, DD! It’s good to hear from you! I like your metaphor of needing to clean the cup from the inside before the outside – I think Jesus would have liked that, too! Hope to hear from you some more!

  3. Wicked sent me over here. I’ve already posted a link to your blog on another girls LJ who just commented that she’s interested in what you basically purport to do here. Have interesting discussions about God, spirituality, etc. I’m interested in that as well and hope you will continue to make posts. I would also enjoy any links you might give me towards other sites that i might learn from.

    I grew up as a Methodist, and i guess you could say i just can’t bring myself to believe the things i need to believe in order to be a good Methodist – or any member of organized religion. I want to, but my mind just stops short. SO i’m looking for ways to be able to believe without lying to myself, and i’m hoping to find some answers, or at least clues, here.

    Thanks. S!

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