A Question and a Word about Biblical Interpretation

Our first question comes from a reader of my partner’s blog, and was referred to me by her.  The question is: “Why does the Bible condemn homosexuality?”

Boy, THAT’S a big one!

First, I should caveat this post with the information that I personally believe that the Bible – while a sacred text – is one of many sacred texts.  Even while I take it very, very seriously, I also believe that the Work revealed in it was filtered through the pens of very fallible human beings who were speaking to particular audiences at a particular point in history, in a language that is not modern English (or even King James English).  Consequently, any/all sacred texts should be carefully interpreted with this in mind.  Note: Not everyone shares this belief. 

So, with that said, there are two main places in the Bible that address the topic of homosexuality: The Pentateuch (the five books that make up the Torah) and the letters of St. Paul.  First, let’s look at the Pentateuch.

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