Sex in the Bible

My next post was initially going to be an analysis of the effects of the concepts of omnicience, omnipotence and infallibility on how we think about the Bible, God’s prophets, and God.  However, it appears that my readers are much more interested in sex.  And who can blame them?   Sex is so much more fun!

In all seriousness, when we touch sex (so to speak) we touch a major nerve cluster that connects countless social phenomena.  Sex affects the private sphere of the home, the public policy sphere of laws and debate, and the religious sphere of belief and ritual.  Sex informs gender relations, intimate power dynamics and individual identity.  In systematically examining how sex is portrayed, regulated and (yes) even celebrated in the Bible, we can gain some very surprising insights regarding not only ancient culture and attitudes, but about our own as well.

In the posts to come, I would like to look at how sex is portrayed in the following texts:

  • Genesis (particularly the Fall Narrative and the Patriarchs/Matriarchs)
  • King David and the Succession Narrative
  • The Major Prophets
  • The Books of Ruth, Esther, Judith and the Song of Songs
  • The Synoptic Gospels (Mark, Matthew and Luke)
  • The Revelation of St. John

While these comprise only a sample of the breadth of the Hebrew Bible and New Testament, they will yield some very rich insights into how sex plays in the Bible, and how our (sometimes limited) understanding of the Bible affects our concept of sex and human sexuality.

4 thoughts on “Sex in the Bible

    • Yes, Ma’am, I certainly am. I’ll be starting with Genesis, the Fall Narrative, and I’ll probably be re-printing an excellent article by Phyllis Trible in its entirety. The article completely demolishes most of the myths that have been built up around the Fall narrative (e.g., it was Eve’s fault, woman was created to serve man, etc.) and proves that there is no Biblical grounding for them. Stay tuned!

  1. awesome! i can’t wait to read it. i wonder if you looked at that link i posted the other day. that movie sounded kinda interesting and the review was good too, with the story the guy told about his dad, who was gay in AR about 30 years ago. it reminded me some of BBM.

    anyway, i know you’re busy and don’t have time to look at everything that comes along, but if you get a spare minute and are twiddling your thumbs, check it out.

    i’m anxious to read your next posts. thanks for doing this. i hope other folks will join us. i may post the link on my LJ if you don’t mind.

    hugs. s.

    • Hi Sienna –

      Yep, got your post, and posted a reply (which you may not have had a chance to get to). Yes, I can definitely see the parallels with BBM!

      Feel free to link away – the more, the merrier!


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