To Our Russian Friends (V Nasha Russkye Druzya)

Well, it seems that the only responses I’ve been getting from my posts lately have been Russian-language spam.  My Russian is a bit rusty, but just in case someone actually has a sincere inquiry, here is a little message for our friends in Mother Russia:

Privyet, Russkye druzya!  Eto internet sait dlya govorit’ o secs I  religione.  Eto sait seryozny; puzhalysta – 1) Nil’zya “ad” dlya meditsyny (Viagra); 2) Nil’zya “ad” dlya secs po telefonu; i 3) Nado govorit’ po’Angliski yzyk.  Esli vy seryonzye, mozhno govorit’.  Esli ni seryoznye, mne nado vashe “delete”.  Spasybo bol’shoi!

(Trans: “Hi Russian friends!  This is an internet site for talking about sex and religion.  This is a serious site; please: 1) No “ads” for drugs (Viagra) and 2) No ads for sex by telephone.  If you are serious, you can talk.  If you are not serious, I will have to “delete” you”.  Thank you very much!”)

One thought on “To Our Russian Friends (V Nasha Russkye Druzya)

  1. hi. i’ve been kinda distracted. i think i’m going thru a change, where my old interests are changing and my new ones are trying to emerge. i cleaned out my list of bookmarks today and deleted a bunch of stuff i want to get away from. i kept you and will be coming back to check for future posts, and going back to read a couple i missed. hope all is well. hugs. s.

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