Transfigured: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Mountaintop

Under the Rose

Transfiguration, Year B – Last Week of Epiphany

February 19, 2012

2 Kings 2:1-12

Psalm 50:1-6

Mark 9:2-10

Transfiguration: a : a change in form or appearance : metamorphosis   b : an exalting, glorifying, or spiritual change (

Metamorphosis: Butterflies

This week, in the Liturgical Calendar, we celebrate the Transfiguration of Christ.  But why should anyone care?  Transfiguration, after all, is one of those confusing church terms – kind of like “Transubstantiation” or “Eucharist” – that normal people understandably find confusing and a bit alienating.  The Greek term for “transfigured” is metamorphoO, pointing back to the English term “metamorphosis”.  But it’s a special kind of metamorphosis where the interior, radiant, spiritual part of a person is made visible on the outside.  Transfiguration manifests as a brilliant, holy shining, unlike any ordinary light on earth.

The Gospel reading for the Transfiguration of Christ goes as…

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