Genesis/Adam and Eve: Undoing the Curse

Happy Lent! For this post, I will simply be re-printing an article by ground-breaking Hebrew Bible scholar Phyllis Trible (“Eve and Adam: Genesis 2-3 Re-read”) in its entirety, as there is very little I can add to this woman’s pristine scholarship. In the space of a mere eight pages, Trible manages to demolish virtually all the damaging, misogynist interpretations that have grown up around the Fall Narrative, revealing them as having no Biblical grounding whatsoever. Read the article, contemplate it, and get it into as many hands as possible! Cheers, SubRosa.

Under the Rose

Lent 1A
March 9, 2014

Genesis 2:15-3:21

Psalm 32

Matthew 4:1-11

“Eve and Adam: Genesis 2-3 Reread”


"The Fall of Man" by Titian “The Fall of Man” by Titian

On the whole, the Women’s Liberation Movement is hostile to the Bible, even as it claims that the Bible is hostile to women.  The Yahwist account of creation and fall in Genesis 2-3 provides a strong proof text for that claim.  Accepting centuries of (male) exegesis, many feminists interpret this story as legitimating male supremacy and female subordination.  They read to reject. My suggestion is that we reread to understand and to appropriate.  Ambiguity characterizes the meaning of ‘adham in Genesis 2-3. On the one hand, man is the first creature formed (2:7).  The Lord God puts him in the garden “to till it and keep it,” a job identified with the male (cf. 3:17-19).  On the other hand, ‘adham is a generic term for…

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